Private Counseling by Susan Snowe Mayginnes, M.A.

I have worked in counseling, body-centered therapy and personal coaching for over 25 years with thousands of clients. I work privately with individuals and couples as well as conduct workshops throughout California in conscious relationship, personal effectiveness, and emotional intelligence.

I am a trained, experienced facilitator in mind/body integration, emotional integration, Psych-K and personal inquiry developed by Byron Katie, known as “The Work.” I am a Senior Fellow of The Hendricks Institute and Conscious Relationship and Body Centered Therapy developed by Drs. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks for over 15 years.

My focus is transformational work that integrates mind, body and spirit. I synthesize a variety of approaches and modalities to create work that is individually tailored for each client or couple. Our work together will connect you to a more authentic experience of yourself. This results in greater feelings of self love and joy as well as more real and fulfilling personal relationships.

I begin the work with each new client by identifying what is standing in the way of the results you want. You will discover the ways in which you are sustaining old emotional patterns and the ways in which you unconsciously keep problems in your life in place. You will discover new ways of being, thinking and participating that bring fresh perspectives and significant improvement to troubled areas.

The underlying intention of my work it to alter the ways we relate to our own thinking, to people and to events so that we can have fewer and shorter unpleasant experiences and more frequent, longer lasting joyful experiences. By making internal shifts, things begin to move naturally to their appropriate resolution, without struggle. I encourage my clients to step out of unconscious, habitual ways of thinking, feeling and acting and open up to what is actually true now. As a result, previously unimagined possibilities and new found creativity begin to emerge.

Call for a private consultation to determine if this work is appropriate for you.

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